The Dark side of Winter
The Dark side of Winter

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The Dark side of Winter

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The Dark side of Winter is the third book about the charming Norwegian novel figure Lotte-Marie and a parody of Knife written by Jo Nesbo. Norway´s beloved heroine Lotte-Marie has left her glamorous life in California and returned to Oslo where she experiences both loneliness, drama and excitement. She also puts her life at stake in her eagerness to help the brilliant, audaciously rogue police officer Barry Hole and the sexy detective Varg Lerum to solve the mysterious murders. If you like it a bit fierce, raw, sexy, exciting, perverted and funny - then this is the book for you. #Parody

- Don´t say a word! Undress and put on your blindfold. Now I´m coming for you!

From the media:
"Better than Bridget Jones." Budstikka
"Books to Desire." MAG
"Norway's best female author." Dagsavisen
"Fun, fearless female." Cosmopolitan
"Norway's first chick-lit author." Aftenposten
"The Princess of Humor." Askeravisen
"Summer beach recommendation. Bold stuff for the ladies." BA
"This is not shy and blushing novel - it´s the opposite." NTB

The books about Lotte-Marie are considered as Norway's sexy, humorous and feministic answer to Jo Nesbo and his Harry Hole and Gunnar Staalelsen with his Varg Veum. The books are UNISEX and quite popular also among men. Humor, irony, intelligence, romance, sex and excitement, and sometimes crime, mysteries and murderer - are good reading material for both men and women. It´s also being said that men actually falls in love with the complexity of the Lotte-figure and of course they may learn a thing or two about women - and women on the other hand, might learn something about their own mysteries.

The unconventional books about Lotte-Marie might be read separately and are totally limitless when it comes to language, means and the use of humor and satire, although with an underlying message for the attentive reader. Readers of both gender are fascinated by the character's complexity, her courage and her consistent strength, but even the strongest can sometimes become fragile and insecure. This changing shift in a human being and what possibly causes it, is what makes a person and a story interesting. The books are also about setting and breaking boundaries, about vulnerability and courage - all told with a lot of revealing humor and self-irony. Hole writes about love, fantasies and feelings - and about sex, desires and passion in a tone that captures both gender. The author has an easy-going style and also writes unfiltered about self-development and reflection - but with a twisted pen.

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Jo Nesbø, Tørst, Varg Veum, Australia, Sydney, Romantikk, Sex.

Jo Nesbø, Tørst, Varg Veum, Australia, Sydney, Romantikk, Sex.