Collection: Trude Helén Hole - work of art

Trude Helén Hole is a well-known Norwegian author, journalist, sommelier, lecturer, model, business owner, publisher and blogger - and a free spirit! But during covid, fate brought her back to the World of Art where she belongs. She has recently been awarded with International Prize Paris. She was also invited to exhibit a sculpture and a painting at New York Exhibition 2022, and was one of three Norwegian artists who were invited and exhibited at the ARTQUAKE-10 at Art Niğde International (ANI) in Turkey with her painting Mistress XXX. This year, based on her writing and artistry, she has been invited as main guest by NorthArt to the Autumn exhibition in Ås, Norway.

Hole was a skilled artist as a child and her passion for the creative force has followed her ever since. She has studied art at Asker Art School where she has sharpened her pencils and brushed dust from her paintbrushes, and is as unconventional in her art as in her writing - she creates both abstract and figurative art inspired by nature's changing mood which she finds extremely inspiring - often with small quirks and playful details.

Her motifs vary from the simple, naked and raw to powerful, playful and energetic - back to the fragile and delicate - all contrasts that exist in our own nature. Hole also works with sculptures as well as graphics and woodcuts. 

"Well behaved women rarely make history. I'm not well behaved. I'm simply me. It gets dirty!” Trude Helén Hole